Henry Cruz values the time when he visited with people in a convalescence home in Michigan. This has shaped how his home church ministers people of advance age in Nicaragua now.

Henry Cruz: Global Discipleship is a valuable tool that has been shaping our ministry in Nicaragua for three years. This tool has been influencing and blessing more than fifty other churches in Nicaragua. This tool/model of discipleship is what Jesus used to advance His Gospel.

William Quinonez: He was impacted to see how God transcends culture and language, this shows that God wants to be worshiped by all people groups in their own language and culture. He is thankful that God brought him to such a distant place to learn about the right use of authority and power, he does not pray for power or resources, but he prays for authority instead. He understands now that power proceeds from man, but authority proceeds from God.

Bernardino Wilson: He learned from Pastor Felix about dedicating more time to his family. Global Discipleship Network has been a blessing to him; his mind has become opened to learn from others even if they are from other cultures and countries.

Interview with GDN participant, pastor Daniel Roels regarding his visit to Guatemala to be discipled and trained by pastor William Quinonez in Guatemala City.

Pastor Felix Fernandez shares some of his reflections on his visit to Pastor Bernardino Wilson in the Dominican Republic.


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