What is GDN?

The Global Discipleship Network (GDN) is a ministry of Christian Reformed World Missions which brings together church leaders from the Christian Reformed Church in North America and from our international partners into a learning circle for mutual discipleship.  Each circle will consist of six pastors, two from the CRCNA and four from our partners internationally. The first circle is a Spanish language one with members from Michigan, Florida, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.  They started off the project in Haiti in 2011 to get to know each other and further understand how the circle will work. In a span of five years, each pastor will visit one other pastor at his site of ministry to learn from him.  Each pastor will also be visited by one member of the circle each year. After five years, every member will have visited every other member.  At the end of this cycle there is another several day gathering to talk about what was learned and how the discipling can be continued and spread to others.

Mark Charles is the visionary and Project Coordinator of GDN.  To learn more about Mark, visit his blog.

For more information about the GDN Project, contact Mark Charles: mcharles@wirelesshogan.com.

Financial assistance in the start-up has been received from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship.

Funding Opportunity

For $20,000 we can fund the circle for next year. The cost is primarily travel assistance for members to visit each other. To make a donation, phone usmail a check (with the specific name of the project on the memo line), or donate online.  Thank you for supporting Christian Reformed World Missions!


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